Women Can’t Merge, Men Won’t Yield

We’re all familiar with the excellent best-seller entitled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”, which illustrates the many natural differences between the sexes. “Women Can’t Merge, Men Won’t Yield” is proof of the differences between men and women drivers, and it’s filled with driving anecdotes, allegedly humorous situations, semi-serious advice on driving habits and a plea to “Drive with care, shoulder-check,” and “Remember, courtesy is contagious ...pass it on.”

The book isn't intended to knock either male or female drivers, but to raise awareness of the fact that we all tend to let our driving skills deteriorate over the years. Carelessness and “obliviosity” can kill. By pointing out the strange and unpredictable driving habits of many of us, I hope people will think about their own driving idiosyncrasies... and maybe make a few changes. Or not.

"Women Can't Merge, Men Won't Yield" can be purchased on Amazon.

The 'Joy' of Smoking

Most smoking cessation literature tends to be rather dry compilations of statistical information, which can make them difficult to read. My book "The 'JOY' of Smoking" features this valuable information with more of a light-hearted, humorous approach to the subject. The important and vital information is blended into the text along with amusing stories about quitting the habit, and other smoking-related information. My research includes material from the Cancer Society, and other sources.

The idea is to make smokers WANT to read this book. As a professional cartoon illustrator, there are several original "Stone" cartoons strategically distributed throughout the book. I would be pleased to meet with your advisors at their convenience to discuss the potential for any joint venturing on this publication, which could be used as a fund-raiser for research into smoking cessation.

"The 'Joy' of Smoking" can be purchased on Amazon.

Poetically Licentious

A series of 101 Ero-sensuous Love poems by Raymond Peter Stone.

I wrote a selection of poems in my late teens and early twenties I took a break. I wrote an additional selection fifty years later.

"Poetically Licentious" can be purchased on several websites including Amazon, and Google Play. The book contains adult content.

Country Music Lyrics

Cover to Country Music Lyrics by Raymond Stone

This collection of country lyrics was compiled over a twenty year span. I wrote them, and filed them away. Finally found time to create this book in the hope that someday one of our super-star country performers comes across these meaningful compositions and actually records one of them !!! It's available in book stores and on line.