The 'Joy' of Smoking

Most smoking cessation literature tends to be rather dry compilations of statistical information, which can make them difficult to read. My book "The 'JOY' of Smoking" features this valuable information with more of a light-hearted, humorous approach to the subject. The important and vital information is blended into the text along with amusing stories about quitting the habit, and other smoking-related information. My research includes material from the Cancer Society, and other sources.

The idea is to make smokers WANT to read this book. As a professional cartoon illustrator, there are several original "Stone" cartoons strategically distributed throughout the book. I would be pleased to meet with your advisors at their convenience to discuss the potential for any joint venturing on this publication, which could be used as a fund-raiser for research into smoking cessation.

"The 'Joy' of Smoking" can be purchased onĀ Amazon.